Alco tokens strategic
angel Sale

In order to participate
please send ETH to the following address and you will receive the ALCO tokens in the same address, you sent ETH from, on 31st June 2018 or on reaching the $29M goal (that's when the angel sale concludes)


Angel Sale Price

$0.01/ALCO token (USD to ETH exchange rate as of 30th June 2018 00:00 UTC on Coinbase)

For transactions of more than 50 ETH, 29% extra tokens will be sent back to the address as angels' reward

For transactions of <50 ETH, 19% extra tokens will be sent back to the address as angels' reward

Please Note

Please don't send ETH from exchanges, you must use a wallet which is ERC20 compatible (we recommend MyEtherWallet)

If you're investing in a token sale for the first time, please go through this step by step guide here

Get Involved

We would like you to get involved in helping us solve our day-to-day problems via your valuable advice or warm introductions

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Token Sale Price
and Volume Dynamics

Instrument Alconomy SAFTs
Sale Cap 10,000,000,000 ALCO Tokens
Angle Sale Price $0.01/ALCO
Angle Discounts 19% for <50 ETH Ticket
29% for >50ETH Ticket
Public Sale Trigger $29M Raise Through Angels
Public Sale Price Increasing Price Linearly as Investments are made
Public Price Function Amount Invested $29M/$100M

Use of Proceeds

  1. Endowment fund to be invested into the platform
  2. Network maintenance and reward for liquidity providers
  3. Founding Team Grants
  4. Advisory Grant
  5. Long term Governance and Community Management
  6. Market Maker fund to maintain price-floor of $0.01